Friday, December 13, 2013

Geek Chic

Hello friends, I know its been a while, but I am finally back. And I have the time to invest in my blog. Yayyy! Since I've been gone, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Technical Management. You are probably wondering what does that have to do with fashion.  The answer is absolutely nothing.  I was a nerd once upon a time in my life. Which brings me to my next look; geek chic. 

Last year the collegiate sweaters and Letterman jackets were all the rage, but the trend actually carried over to this fall/winter as well.  I'm just getting around to wearing mine.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the look.  Also, I would like to address that you girl has gained some pounds, but I will save that discussion for a later date.  Just know that I am working on it.

On to the look. Enjoy!!!

The cardigan and the button-up is a one piece, which made it very comfortable to wear.  I thought that was cool. 

My textbooks from my final school  projects had to make a special cameo.

I fell in love with this three piece ring set (eyeglasses, nose, and mustache) from Forever 21.  I was so quirky. I have a tendency to wear more mature clothing, but there is aways going to be an accessory that is going to be youthful.


Man, I've had these boots over 4 years and they look great don't they?  I treat them like the gold (wheat) that they are. Literally.  I do not wear in snow and rain. I know they are waterproof, but water stains nubuck. I try to  prevent stains if possible.  Also, I store them high on the shelf.

"B" is for Booth, my last name. I kinda have a pet peeve for wearing letters or monogrammed anything with a letter that does not apply to me. For me, please make sure you choose a monogram that begins you name.  Thanks. 

What I Wore:
Navy Collegiate Cardigan with Button up Shirt attached- F21
Dark Denim Jeans- F21 (only $10.80 and probably $7.80 in the lower 48s)
Timberland Knee-boots in Wheat- I got these from FootAction, but you can get them anywhere. I just ordered a another pair of boots from
"Malcolm X" inspired Glasses (prescription)- Wal-Mart, but Ray Ban makes a similar style. Just go to your local optical center. Note: Both these and Ray Ban's style are SUNGLASSES. Me and many others opt for a clear lens for glasses obviously.
Novelty Eyeglass Necklace and Ring Set- F21

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I know y'all are familiar with how popular camouflage is. It has really become the "new" neutral. I feel that I have seen every different color combo with camo. I wanted something that was not as standard.

I have my moments when I wake up and say "I want to be different today." Well, today was not any different. My goal of this outfit was to mix edgy, feminine, and trendy all in one.

SIDE NOTE: This outfit was so cheap. It is not even funny.
 I hope you like it!



 What I Wore
 Miley Cyrus Faux Leather Moto Jacket-Thrifted
Gray T-Shirt- Thrifted
Army Camo Pants- Thrifted
Merona Neon Green Clutch- Target
Single Strap Sandals-
"Cyber" Lipstick- MAC

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Playing with Textures

 I know it is getting cold, but I have a thing for open toed shoes and short skirts.  The next thing I know is that I will have a cold.  Meanwhile, until it snows or the temperatures really drop, I will continue wearing the mini skirt. Eventually, I will add stockings and boots. 
Anyways, I love mixing textures and playful patterns.  It just happens that it is on trend. 
Try It
 Start small- Try leather and suede in a shoe or another accessory.  Then, move up to bigger statement pieces: example Leather Pants.
I probably am the wrong person to listen to when it comes to wearing patterns. I will tell you to wear the most obnoxious patterns. What I will tell you is when wearing bold patterns keep all coordinating pieces (including accessories clean).  Remember LESS is MORE.
This look I did was and that's enough talking. Now onto the look.

What I Wore
Faux Leather Blazer- H&M
Gray T-Shirt- Thrifted
Statement Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory
Royal Blue Handwoven Clutch- Thrifted
Gold Rings- Claire's
Black Enamel and Gold Studs- F21
Suede and Leather Chunky Platforms- JustFab
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This outfit was one of my most quirky looks yet.  I love it though.  Having kids definitely ages a person, so I like to have youthful feeling clothes. This look earned me the most likes to date on Instagram.

What I Wore
Incredible Hulk Muscle Shirt- F21
Sheer Striped Leggings- F21
Shorts- Old F21 Jeans turned to Shorts DIY
Miley Cyrus Faux Leather Jacket- Thrifted
Lavender Grunge Boots- Doctor Marten's via (saved $10 that way)
Shades- Local Boutique in Anchorage, Alaska ($2)
The same ol' Silver Hoops- F21


Vintage: How to Wear a Silk Blouse

Everytime I shop at a thrift store, a silk shirt is the first thing I grab. Let's just say I have built up quite a collection.  My mom and my best friend get on me all the time for picking out "ugly" clothes. I tell them, "It's vintage. It has potential." This is one of those items they would call ugly.
Anyways, with colorful silk shirts such as this one, keep the styling simple. Let the shirt do the talking, lol. If you want to get sassy, tie a knot in the front. Keep the jewelry minimal and clean. Wear jeans (I prefer dark denim). Then, just add a fly shoe. There you have it, vintage styled modernly.
That's enough talking, enjoy the look!


What I Wore
Silk Vintage Blouse- Thrifted
Dark Wash Denim- F21 ( They only costed $10.80!)
Gold Platform Pumps- Shoedazzle
Jewel Studs- Target
Chain Necklace- Claire's
Jeweled Bracelets- Icing

OOTD: Black and Yellow

This one is going to be really brief.  I really liked my outfit this day, but my afro was a hot mess.  Sometimes that thing has a mind of its own.

What I Wore
Black and Yellow Blazer- Thrifted
White Tank- H&M
BodyCon Skirt- F21
Merona Clutch- Target (I actually puchased it from Target this time, lol)
Red Steve Madden Sandals-  Ross
Studded Necklace- Local Boutique in my hometown of Hampton, VA 

A Black "Chola"

These picture came out so dope to me. There were so many great shots, it was hard to choose what pics to choose for the blog. Anyways, I was inspired by a Mexican chola and  I thought that I would give this look a try.  It's simple, yet stylish. I call it effortless chic, and it beats wearing sweatpants. 
This look is also a Twice-S-Nice first.  I never modeled a look that didn't have at least one item that was thrifted in it.  Everything was cheap, if that helps!

I know my fingers may look crippled, but I was trying to show off my new rings from Claire's.


What I Wore
Studded Army Green Shirt-Jacket- F21
"GO" Screen Tee- F21
Coated Black Leggings w/ Zipper Side Detail- F21
"Chucks"- Converse All-Stars (13 years old!)
Silver Hoops- F21
Red Bandanna- Local Beauty Supply Store
Ruby Woo Lipstick- MAC

Thrifted Confidence: Neon Business Casual

I have been stupid busy these past few weeks with school and my business. Today is actually my twins birthday (4).  Since this is Tuesday, celebration for the boys will be all week.  I am going to try to squeeze in some new looks. I'm not making any promises, but I will try to keep y'all entertained by some of my "old to me, new for you" looks. Disclaimer: MASSIVE UPLOAD coming soon!!!

Okay, now moving on to this look.  I originally posted this look on Instagram a few weeks back.  I felt so confident that day in my 75% thrifted outfit. The only items that were purchased new was the blazer and the jewelry.  That's enough talking, here's the look!


 These pants are showing up neon pink, but they are actually fuchsia.

I was so excited when I saw these shoes in my local Salvation Army. There is nothing better than finding an item that is brand new in the thrift store.  Guess what? They were only $5. Now, that was a few months back, but Salvation Army buys Target's overstock, so there may be another new item waiting for you.

My pants were Target's brand Merona, they were also new with tags. They were $7. I love the fit of them. Score!!!

What I Wore
Navy and Cream Blazer- H&M
Navy Polka Dot Blouse-  Liz Claiborne "thrifted" 
Fuchsia Pants- Merona "thrifted"
Navy Captoe Pumps- Merona "thrifted"
Clear Acrylic Necklace and Earrings- Local Boutique in Phoenix (I forgot the name)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pre-Fall African Print

       Girl, where have you been? When are you going to update your blog? These are the questions that people ask me all the time. People have had high expectations of me maintaining my blog. And the truth is life got in the way.  I still cannot say that I am 100% dedicated to my blog at this time, but I will eventually get there.
       I took lots of photos this summer and they made it to Instagram, so FOLLOW ME, but that is where they stayed. Also, I want to add that I made the "rookie" mistake of not saving all of my looks to the computer and lost my memory card.
       I felt that I needed to talk to y'all first before I just jumped into a look, like no time has passed. Anyways, this next look I absolutely loved, but I only have one picture to show because I sent this one to my email and lost the disc. Tragedy!

Note: I was in Virginia when I took this picture, so it is definitely warmer there than it is here in Alaska. To make this outfit more appropriate for the Alaskan climate; add booties and/or a blazer/light jacket for a cute look for going downtown.

The Accessories

Score:All "thrifted" at separate times.

I thought these earrings were so cool when I found them at F21 last summer. They may not still have these earrings, but they have some of the coolest elephant jewelry now. Especially, the necklaces.

What I Wore:
African Print Jumper- F21
Wooden Bangles- All "thrifted"
Elephant Earrings- F21
Special Shout Out: To my bestest friend Diamond aka "D-Nice" for hooking up my Poetic Justice inspired braids.