Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shorts in the Winter

Hello, thanks for stopping by! Also, happy Valentine's Day! Today I will have uploaded 5 looks all across the board. Sorry, I've been slacking. No one told me blogging was tough. Anyways, I'm ready to jump in. Hope you enjoy.

Okay, I have to admit that I was super hesitant to wear shorts in the winter.
 I did chose to wear these around 35 to 40 degrees and I was fine. My
tights were thick though. I wore this out shopping with the family.

I love these earrings, but they are ceramic. I dropped them on my tile floor and
 one earring chipped. Can we say super glue touch-up?

Hey, I'm new at this, excuse the "poor" posing.
Stay tuned more to come.

What I Wore:
Leather Blazer-H&M
Lace Top (back of the shirt not shown)-F21
Corduroy Shorts-F21
Combat Boots-Payless

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