Thursday, May 30, 2013

OOTD: Peplum and Mixed Materials

Finally, this is the last look that I will be posting today. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be having multiple outfit changes. I will try to update my blog along the way.


What I Wore:
White Peplum Top- Conway (local discount store in Norfolk, VA)
Lime Green Pants- Thrifted Brand New from Target
Mixed Material Sandals- JustFab
Belt- Thrifted
Mixed Materials Clutch Bag- Target
Earrings- Beauty Supply Store in Hampton, VA
Watch- Special gift from my grandma
I just want to thank you all for your continued support. Love you lots.
 Come back again soon, ya' hear!

MJ times 2

I really like this look especially the shirt because it was a DIY project. It was once a sleeved shirt that I turned into a tank. If you don't know me by now I gravitate towards vintage looks. This look is very 90's with a bit of grunge. Let me stop rambling. Here it goes.

 Yes, those are Michael Jackson Earrings.

What I Wore:
DIY Michael Jackson King of Pop Tank- Originally Purchased from Rue 21in 09'
Acid Wash Jeans- H&M
Retro Bred 11 Jordans- Footlocker
Michael Jackson Bad Studs- Old purchased in 09
Flannel Shirt- Family Dollar (old) who would have thought it

1980's Secretary

It was love at first sight when I saw this dress. I actually picked this dress up from the local Value Village in Phoenix (not the chain thrift store) for $3.99. Others doubted it and said that is one hideous dress. I saw hope in it. I took my diamond in the rough to Mama Kathy. She had many roles. She was my pastor, babysitter, and my seamstress.  She cut almost 2 feet off the bottom of the dress so that it would hit my knees. I also wanted to take the big white buttons off and replace them with black ones. She told me to leave the buttons alone. It came to be one of my best looks. So, here it goes.

Okay, here I am just being silly.

Vintage Polka Dot Dress- Value Village local thrift store in Phoenix (not the chain store)
Mint Peeptoe Pumps-

OOTD: Business Casual

I posted this look on Instagram two weeks ago and it is just now making it to my blog. This outfit was stupid cheap because nearly everything was thrifted.

Style Tip: Try layering stripes and a print such as floral or polka dots with the same color scheme. Start with that then work you way up to mixing colors, prints, and texture.

Style Tip: Accessories should be at a minimum in the workplace. My heart studs were big and my afro was bigger and that was all that was needed.

If you cannot see the detail on the collared shirt, if has navy blue hearts. It is vintage. (80's)

What I Wore:
Collared Shirt with Hearts- Thrifted (vintage)
Croft & Barrow Striped V-Neck Shirt- Thrifted
Wilson's Leather Computer Bag- Thrifted
Khaki skinnies- F21
Navy Pumps- Payless
Shades- Above The Zone (Alaskan Boutique)
Heart Studs- F21 $1.50

Coolin' in my Boyz II Men White Jeans and Oxfords.

Did anyone see that new commercial from Old Navy with Boyz II Men singing "I love white jeans on you" to the "I'll make love to you" song? It was kind of funny. My white jeans really did not come from Old Navy, but same difference. And do you remember when they used to wear oxfords? Well, I got my jeans from Forever 21 for $15.80. They are super comfy.  And the oxfords were a special thrifted find from my favorite Salvation Army. Best of all they were brand new.

Photo Cred:


It's funny that people say that they cannot wear white because they have children. If my kids are dirty then,  I tell them to stay away from me. I have no intentions on getting dirty regardless if I am wearing white or black.

"Is my afro alright?"


What I Wore:

Sweater- Target
White Jeans- F21
Oxfords- Thrifted brand new (from Target)
Heart Earrings, Love Necklace and Bracelet, and Bow Ring- F21

Girly Goth

I am trying to make these next few posts short and straight to the point because I am so far behind, lol. Anyways, I called this look girly goth because it is a bit dark, but it has floral and gold accents.
I wouldn't be S-Nice or this wouldn't be Twice-S-Nice if I didn't have thrifted elements. Can you guess what they are? Of course, I will reveal below.

This look is edgy because of the shorts, fishnets, and boots,
but also refined because of the jewelry and the blazer.

 Quick Story: I always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens. However, I never could afford them. They range from $80- $250. One day I stumbled across a nice pair of look alikes via H&M on sale for $20. I said to myself that these boots will just have to do until I can afford the real thing.

What I Wore:

                                                     Blush Blazer- H&M
Long Sleeved Black Top- Rainbow
Distressed Jean Shorts- F21
Large Holed Fishnet Tights- Thrifted Brand New
Gold Floral Necklace- Thrifted
Floral Print Boots- H&M
Bow Ring- F21

Flower Power pt.2 featuring Prabal Gurung

Hello!!! I have been the world's worst blogger. I have been taking lots pictures with the intentions of posting them to my blog, but the picture appeared on Instagram and that's were they stayed. Today is going to be a massive upload. Most looks are wearable now and other looks may be a bit too warm for the weather. Anywhoo, I will just dive into the looks.

This was one of my favorite outfits this spring. I absolutely fell in love with this shirt the first time I saw it. It was part of the Target and Prabal Gurung collabo this spring. If you don't know it by now, I have an addiction to floral and stripes; the bolder and brighter the better. I love my new light wash jeans from Forever 21 as well. Normally, I always buy their $10.80 denim, but this time I decided to step my game up, lol, and spend $24.80. They fit great and they are really easy to cuff. Call me old school if you wanna. I wear cuffs for a living. STYLE NOTE: Cuffing jeans and pairing a pointy shoe, be it high heeled or flat, is a modern spin on sometimes a dated look.

As far as the shoes go, I feel lucky with these. I really wanted them last year from JustFab and they sold out on me. With some research, I found the same shoes from a wholesaler brand new for only $25 on eBay. They are really comfy too, especially with the removable ankle strap. I need ankle straps to wear any kind of wedge.

What I wore:
Prabal Gurung Long Sleeve Tee- Target
Light Wash Lightly-Distressed Jeans- F21
Suede Belt- Thrifted, but it was from Target
Big Hoops- Local Beauty Supply Store
Tri-color Clutch- F21
Gold and Gem Bangles- The Icing
Shoes- eBay