Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coolin' in my Boyz II Men White Jeans and Oxfords.

Did anyone see that new commercial from Old Navy with Boyz II Men singing "I love white jeans on you" to the "I'll make love to you" song? It was kind of funny. My white jeans really did not come from Old Navy, but same difference. And do you remember when they used to wear oxfords? Well, I got my jeans from Forever 21 for $15.80. They are super comfy.  And the oxfords were a special thrifted find from my favorite Salvation Army. Best of all they were brand new.

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It's funny that people say that they cannot wear white because they have children. If my kids are dirty then,  I tell them to stay away from me. I have no intentions on getting dirty regardless if I am wearing white or black.

"Is my afro alright?"


What I Wore:

Sweater- Target
White Jeans- F21
Oxfords- Thrifted brand new (from Target)
Heart Earrings, Love Necklace and Bracelet, and Bow Ring- F21

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