Monday, September 23, 2013

Pre-Fall African Print

       Girl, where have you been? When are you going to update your blog? These are the questions that people ask me all the time. People have had high expectations of me maintaining my blog. And the truth is life got in the way.  I still cannot say that I am 100% dedicated to my blog at this time, but I will eventually get there.
       I took lots of photos this summer and they made it to Instagram, so FOLLOW ME, but that is where they stayed. Also, I want to add that I made the "rookie" mistake of not saving all of my looks to the computer and lost my memory card.
       I felt that I needed to talk to y'all first before I just jumped into a look, like no time has passed. Anyways, this next look I absolutely loved, but I only have one picture to show because I sent this one to my email and lost the disc. Tragedy!

Note: I was in Virginia when I took this picture, so it is definitely warmer there than it is here in Alaska. To make this outfit more appropriate for the Alaskan climate; add booties and/or a blazer/light jacket for a cute look for going downtown.

The Accessories

Score:All "thrifted" at separate times.

I thought these earrings were so cool when I found them at F21 last summer. They may not still have these earrings, but they have some of the coolest elephant jewelry now. Especially, the necklaces.

What I Wore:
African Print Jumper- F21
Wooden Bangles- All "thrifted"
Elephant Earrings- F21
Special Shout Out: To my bestest friend Diamond aka "D-Nice" for hooking up my Poetic Justice inspired braids.