Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Black "Chola"

These picture came out so dope to me. There were so many great shots, it was hard to choose what pics to choose for the blog. Anyways, I was inspired by a Mexican chola and  I thought that I would give this look a try.  It's simple, yet stylish. I call it effortless chic, and it beats wearing sweatpants. 
This look is also a Twice-S-Nice first.  I never modeled a look that didn't have at least one item that was thrifted in it.  Everything was cheap, if that helps!

I know my fingers may look crippled, but I was trying to show off my new rings from Claire's.


What I Wore
Studded Army Green Shirt-Jacket- F21
"GO" Screen Tee- F21
Coated Black Leggings w/ Zipper Side Detail- F21
"Chucks"- Converse All-Stars (13 years old!)
Silver Hoops- F21
Red Bandanna- Local Beauty Supply Store
Ruby Woo Lipstick- MAC

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