Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage: How to Wear a Silk Blouse

Everytime I shop at a thrift store, a silk shirt is the first thing I grab. Let's just say I have built up quite a collection.  My mom and my best friend get on me all the time for picking out "ugly" clothes. I tell them, "It's vintage. It has potential." This is one of those items they would call ugly.
Anyways, with colorful silk shirts such as this one, keep the styling simple. Let the shirt do the talking, lol. If you want to get sassy, tie a knot in the front. Keep the jewelry minimal and clean. Wear jeans (I prefer dark denim). Then, just add a fly shoe. There you have it, vintage styled modernly.
That's enough talking, enjoy the look!


What I Wore
Silk Vintage Blouse- Thrifted
Dark Wash Denim- F21 ( They only costed $10.80!)
Gold Platform Pumps- Shoedazzle
Jewel Studs- Target
Chain Necklace- Claire's
Jeweled Bracelets- Icing

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